Take Back the Land by Rick Boyer ~ Review

Take Back The Land: Inspiring A New Generation To Lead America

My Review: Take Back the Land is a must read for Christians, though it is directed to homeschooled youth, I believe that it would be beneficial to parents and non-homeschooled teens as well. Though much of this was review for me, I found that this book was very reaffirming. I especially enjoyed how this book was like a warm conversation with a mentor. Also, this book is a great read, and is especially timely with the 2012 Presidential Election taking place later this year.

In my opinion, this book reminds me slightly of Do Hard Things, but much better! Take Back the Land is honest and opinionated and doesn't apologize for it which was a welcome change from the typical teen non-fiction reads that try to please everyone and don't dig deep enough. Reading this book was like a honest conversation with Mr. Boyer, with a few chuckles on the side. Though there were some things I disagreed with, I agreed with the main point and the call to be citizens who make a difference. I'm proud to say that by this November, I will be eighteen and able to vote for the first time!

Take Back the Land covers the changes in the last few decades that have taken place in Education, the Media, the Church, the Family, the Government, the Courts, and the Arts. All of which we should be very concerned about! If you aren't already, this book will put a fire under your seat to get involved in the election of politicians, and the way our country is running these days, to make a difference!

Though I admit that this book wasn't exactly world changing for me--I'm a teenager who thinks that watching this year's political caucuses, primaries, and elections is fun, because you can find a gazillion logical fallacies just listening to what most of those people say--I do think it re-affirmed my beliefs and was very encouraging. And I would totally pass this book on to my younger brother, I've been begging my mother to make this book required reading for him, I think it will be just the thing to fire him up :)

I did say that there were a few things I disagreed with, but those were very minor things and are just my personal opinion and not worth mentioning, the way some things were said, some things that though they were true for the most part were generalized more than I thought they should have been, etc. But overall this is such a great book!

Final Rating: 5 out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review, which I have done my best to present here. Thanks :)


  1. This looks like an interesting book. Thanks for your thoughts and the review. :O)

  2. Thank you, it is a book I highly recommend :)


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