The Secret of Indigo Moon : The Doppleganger Chronicles by G.P. Taylor ~ Review

The Secret of Indigo Moon (The Dopple Ganger Chronicles, #2)
My Brother's Review: After reading the first in the series I wasn't sure what to expect. But I liked this one much more than I liked the first in the series. The sequel seemed a little less dark in general, which I deem a good thing.

In this adventure the Dopplegangers work to uncover who is stealing precious artifacts from their elderly neighbor.

I thought there were good elements of mystery and adventure. The mystery kept me guessing until the end.

What struck me as strange, was how vague the spiritual elements were, and how if I hadn't been looking for them I wouldn't have found them. So this makes me pause to recommend this to a 12 and up audience.

Overall this book was just "alright" for me, like, I enjoyed the format which I thought was super cool and really well done! I liked the adventure and I think I read this book in less than an hour, so it was definitely engaging! Those are my honest thoughts. Thanks!

This review was written by Faye's brother, he saw this book laying around the house so he decided to read it and share his thoughts. Thanks!

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