A Lady's Guide to Marvels and Misadventure by Angela Bell // Cover Reveal and Details!

I’m thrilled to join the cover reveal for “A Lady’s Guide to Marvels and Misadventure” by Angela Bell, releasing from Bethany House Fiction on February 27, 2024! I've followed her on social media and read her novellas for a long time so it was fun to see this new book coming out!

This historical romance novel, inspired by Around the World in 80 Days and The Nutcracker ballet, is available for pre-order today!

Pre-order from Baker Book House for 40% off and FREE shipping: https://bakerbookhouse.com/products/542740 


When Clara Marie Stanton’s ex-fiancé begins to spread rumors that her family suffers from hereditary insanity, it’s all Clara can do to protect them from his desperate schemes and society’s prejudice. Her family may be eccentric, yes, but they certainly aren’t insane. Then Clara’s Grandfather Drosselmeyer brings on an apprentice with a mechanical leg, and all pretense of normalcy takes wing. 

Theodore Kingsley, a shame-chased vagabond skilled in repairing clocks, wants a fresh start far from Kingsley Court and the disappointed father who declared him dead. Upon returning to England, Theodore meets clockmaker Drosselmeyer, who hires him as an apprentice, much to Clara’s dismay. When Drosselmeyer spontaneously disappears in his secret flying owl machine, he leaves behind a note for Clara, beseeching her to make her dreams of adventure a reality by joining him on a merry scavenger hunt. Together, Clara and Theodore set off to follow Drosselmeyer’s trail of clues, but they will have to stay one step ahead of a villain who wants the flying machine for himself—at any cost. 

Taking readers on a whimsical, unforgettable journey through Victorian London and Europe, debut author Angela Bell tells an imaginative tale of danger, adventure, and romance.

Pre-order Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Ladys-Guide-Marvels-Misadventure-ebook/dp/B0C9RR84T7/

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