Surprised by Oxford // Movie Review and Giveaway

Caro Drake, a brilliant but emotionally guarded American student, arrives  at the University of Oxford with the goal of attaining her PhD. Through a turbulent  friendship with a charming young man, she begins to open herself up to mystery,  vulnerability, and love.

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My Review:

A moving film based on the memoirs of Caro Drake, telling of how her years at Oxford completely changed her outlook on life.

A well done film, that does a good job of illustrating her experiences and how these new ideas challenged her in an unexpected way. The beauty of the Oxford colleges is captured wonderfully throughout the movie. I also loved how Regina and Kent encouraged her to ask questions, and look for answers about what she doesn't know. Kent is very patient with her, despite her constantly pushing him away, and I admired how he wasn't intimidated by her and was open about his beliefs.

One thing to note is that the movie set in a college, and the characters don't shy away from talking like college students, with strong language and quips about sex. So probably more appropriate for adults and teens.

Overall, I think that this film does an excellent job of portraying Caro's story of coming to a Christian faith, and sometimes it's messy and awkward. But there is a great authentic nature to it, that shows a very intellectual woman genuinely seeking answers, and I thought that they did a great job of addressing her questions about faith without going super preachy or rattling out pat answers. Compelling and realistic, this film has that special spark that kept me engaged and invested in Caro's story. Definitely worth checking out.

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