Dawn Comes Early by Margaret Brownley ~ Review

Dawn Comes Early
Lucie's Review: Come meet a ranch full of fun, quirky characters at Last Chance Ranch!

Dawn Comes Early is the tale of a stubborn heroine, Kate, who is a struggling dime-novelist, whose latest book has been banned! When Kate reads an advertisement in the paper, seeking an heiress to inherit a ranch, she can't resist an opportunity to get out of the city. When Kate gets to the Arizona desert she finds out how it's really done out west.

Filled with many colorful characters, Dawn Comes Early was a fun read that contained many a laugh. I really appreciated the little snippets from Kate's novel that were inserted at the beginning of every few chapters, it must have been some book! My favorite character had to be Ruckus, he was a something of a cowboy theologian. Very fun, guy.

There's mystery, and humor, even the bad guy was a kind of funny character, looking back now in hindsight. I liked how Kate and Luke interacted well with each other and it wasn't unnatural or uncomfortable. And I came to admire Kate's determination to stick with her job even when things were tough. And how she encouraged Luke's brother to pursue his passion for writing.

Overall, this was a really fun book to read, and it progressed at a steady pace, I found the characters very likable and there were some definite laugh out loud moments! There were some times that I questioned the authenticity of some of the ranch practices and terms, but those were mostly things that I wouldn't have noticed if I hadn't grown up practically on a ranch. So overall a lovely book that I would highly recommend, especially to those who like westerns. Thanks!

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thanks. 

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