The Cowboy Lawman by Brenda Minton ~ Review

The Cowboy Lawman

Lucie's Review:

After a mission gone wrong in which DEA agent Mia's, is killed, and Mia is injured, Mia goes home to Cooper Creek to recuperate. Slade McKennon is the Sheriff of Cooper Creek, and he is determined to protect his good friend Mia, from the people pursuing her, and wanting to do her harm.

Another great novel from Cooper Creek, every time another of Brenda Minton's books comes out, I just know that I have to read it, because I won't want to miss it, and The Cowboy Lawman was no exception. And definitely did not disappoint one bit!

I loved the characters, Slade was such a great guy, in so many ways that were exhibited through his interactions with Mia, and his son, Caleb. Mia, was a strong character, who had to learn to accept and face her weaknesses. They both had to learn to let go of what they had been, so that they could become something better--together.

Overall, a well written western romance, with a dash of suspense, with wonderful characters, that will make you want to return to Cooper Creek as soon as you can! A hard to put down book with a steller ending that I can't tell you about, but you've totally got to read :)

I received this ebook from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!

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