Beyond Ordinary by Trisha and Justin Davis ~ Review

Beyond Ordinary: When a Good Marriage Just Isn't Good Enough

My Review: An honest look inside of marriage and the struggles that can tear a couple apart.

I liked the diary style with which this book was written making it easy to connect with the author and get a firm grasp on what they were feeling and going through. This book made me really think about how hard marriage is and how easy it is to drift apart, as a single gal I can't say that totally understood what they were going through or could connect personally, so this book would probably be better for someone married or considering getting married in the near future.

But I really loved the hopeful message of this story, that even a marriage that looks like it is headed for divorce, full speed ahead, can be saved.

Both Trisha and Justin shared with brutal honesty what they were going through during their early years of marriage.

Overall, this was a good book with a great message of hope and honesty. Marriage isn't easy, but with faith in God and a willingness to follow His plan for marriage even a marriage that seems lost can be restored.


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