Frame 232 by Wil Mara ~ Review

Frame 232My Review:

Margaret was standing on the street recording the president's visit with her camcorder, on the fateful day that John F. Kennedy was shot. Margaret fears what her camera might have caught so she hides her secret. But when she will is read, leaving everything to her daughter, it leads Sheila to a safety deposit box that may change everything that everyone thought they knew about Kennedy's murder...

A well told and riveting adventure. I love how the author showed what I like to call "snapshots" of each of the characters and their back rounds, I felt like I got to know some of the characters more in one chapter than I've ever known others in the course of a whole book!

The story was well written and complex with many things going on in different parts of the world. The author did a great job of bringing the idea of a exposed conspiracy changing everything, I was swept away into the world of intrigue and plotting with Sheila and Jason.

Overall a very good book, and I found myself very entertained even though this is a far cry from the usual books I read. A great book with everything from conspiracies to emotional depth.

I received this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. Thank you! 

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