12 Brides of Christmas by Margaret Brownley, Mary Connealy, Diana Lesire Brandmeyer, Amanda Cabot, Susan Page Davis, Miralee Ferrell, Pam Hillman, Maureen Lang,Amy Lillard, Vickie McDonough, Davalynn Spencer, and Michelle Ule ~ Review

The 12 Brides of Christmas Collection: 12 Heartwarming Historical Romances for the Season of LoveLucie's Review:

Probably one of the best collections of novellas I have ever read, every story was so well done, and I loved them all!

Festive Bride: Alma's father tells widower Roy Gibbons that he can marry his daughter. Roy has two daughters himself, Elizabet and Frances, who both want a mother for Christmas, so he agrees. But Alma has had little say in the matter, and she won't consider Roy unless he courts her properly. Filled with sweet characters and humor, it is a heartwarming tale of the different ways that we become family.

Nutcracker Bride: When a mysterious rider on a black horse rides up and tosses something into the bed of her wagon, and rides away, it isn't until Lucy shoots him and patches him up that she discovers that he is a Texas Ranger. Will he be able to complete his mission?  A humorous tale, with plenty of action, fast-paced, and well written, perfect read for a night curled up by the fireplace.

Christmas Star Bride: Is a sweet tale of two people who thought love had passed them by, getting a second chance at love. Emily needs a special picture painted for her niece's Christmas Star, and when she sees Jeremy's work she knows that he's the one to do it. Two people who thought they were forgotten by love find it, at Christmastime.

The Advent Bride: Melanie is the schoolteacher, and she has one student that get's picked up later than the other kids, so she finds a box and fills it with puzzles to do until his father comes to pick him up. Will their prayers be answered this Christmas? I loved how Melanie went about and beyond what was expected of her, she was a heroine truly devoted to her students.

The Christmas Tree Bride: Polly and her family are moved to Wyoming from the East, they run a stagecoach station, and Polly asks one of the drivers, Jacob to find her the perfect tree for Christmas.
Will he be able to find her the perfect tree and win her heart?  I liked how Jacob is a strong hero, who is always respectful and polite, very likable and considerate.

The Nativity Bride: Five years ago Curt's father gave him an ultimatum, give up woodworking or leave. He chose to leave, but that also meant leaving Deborah, who couldn't leave her ill mother. Now he's back hoping to win back Deborah, but will his father keep them apart yet again. Probably one of the most poignant reads of the collection, with touching characters, and emotions that run deep.

The Evergreen Bride: Annabelle has always wanted a "White Christmas" so when she get's the chance to visit her cousin, she's determined to make the most of it. But with the excitement of a White Christmas, will she overlook love? A sweet story, filled with the wonder of Christmas.

The Gift Wrapped Bride: Noah has changed alot since he moved to Chicago, but Sophie doesn't buy it. She remembers how he used to tease her, when they were children. But Noah is persistent, will he be able to prove his love for her before it's too late? A charming romance. I liked how Noah didn't give up and was determined to show that he'd changed.

The Gingerbread Bride: Maddie can't wait for Harlan to propose so she buys a love potion and makes cookies for him with it, but when he does propose she feels so bad, and can't bring herself to believe his sincerity. A humorous comedy of errors, that will keep a smile on your face throughout!

The Fruitcake Bride: Karen comes to town to marry her childhood sweetheart, Clay, who is now a preacher. But the Mayor's daughter has her sights set on Clay, and she tries to run Karen out of town, bringing to the surface all of Karen's insecurities about being a preacher's wife. A strong story about a likable heroine and the obstacles that she overcomes for love.

The Snowbound Bride: Ara is desperate ti escape her uncle's henchmen, so she hides in the wagon of a rancher named, Nate, who is headed up to his ranch. But when a snowstorm strands them together, Nate's mother is ready to do some matchmaking! Nate is a very likable hero, strong and silent. And his mother is great!

The Yuletide Bride: Ewan know that Kate is the girl that he wants to marry, but her father won't consent unless he earns, $70 by Christmas. He takes every job that he can, but he also has a rival, Josiah, who works in a bank. Will Ewan be able to earn the money before Christmas so that he can marry Kate? This is a sweet story, I liked how supportive and helpful Kate was, and how they work well together.

Overall, a great read, short and sweet stories, every story was engaging ans entertaining, with great characters, and plenty of humor, filled with faith, family and the joy of Christmas.

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