Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands by Cynthia Hickey, Susan Page Davis, Suzanne Dietze, Darlene Franklin, Patty Smith Hall, Carrie Fancett Pagels and Gina Welborn ~ Review

Seven Brides for Seven Mail-Order Husbands
Lucie's Review:

It all starts when the mayor of Turtle Springs, Kansas comes up with a plan to help the ladies of the town find spouses by advertising "Husband Auditions" in papers all across the country. As the prospective husbands start rolling in, and hearts join, it isn't without a few mishaps along the way...

Abigail's Proposal ~ Abby Menton has taken her father's place as mayor, and having the Husband Auditions was her idea. She plans to participate in the courting, but the town also needs a sheriff. When she meets Josiah Ingram, she hires him on the spot. And it's not just the job that he just might be perfect for...

The Kidnapped Groom ~ Sam Cayford is taken by surprise when two boys hold him at gunpoint and demand that he marry their mother. Sam is cool and collected, but sees that they need help so he decides to stick around. Maggie Piner is shocked by her sons' mad plan, but as Sam stays and makes a place in each of their hearts she wonders if her sons might have had a good idea after all.

A Clean Slate ~ Birdy is a schoolteacher, and when Drew shows up on audition day, she assumes that he is there for the auditions and takes him to the events. But actually Drew had wanted to borrow some books form the school library. Drew likes to read and learn new things as well as help out around the school and boarding house. Will their love of learning bring them together?

Sunshine in My Heart ~ Debbie is drawn to Zack from the start, she admires his faith, and knows that it's a great place to start.

Come What May ~ This story is one of my favorites, Chardy and Luke were torn apart by the war. Chardy still loves Luke, but he lost his leg and thinks that she should be with a "whole man." but when he sees her family in need he comes to help, by teaching her brothers how to take care of the farm. Will this couple take their second chance at a future together?

Dime Novel Suitor ~ Caroline Kane assumes that Barden is at the audition a possible groom, but in fact he is an Englishman on holiday wanting to experience the life of a cowboy. He takes a job at the inn that Caroline and her siblings run, making suggestions for improvement along the way. But as his vacation draws to a close their future becomes unsure.

Louder than Words ~ JR is in town to write a story about the husband auditions, and when he frist sets his eyes on Jane he sees her as a warrior princess, saving young child from two thugs all by herself. Jane doesn't have friends, she is merely acquainted with many of the women in town. She isn't impressed by JR's flirting, and chooses her faith. She challenges him to think more about his faith and his life in general.

I loved how all of these stories where connected by a common premise in the same town, with great recurring characters. Definitely a great collection of novels for fans of Mail-Order Bride romance.

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