Seven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection by Erica Vestch, Amanda Barratt, Susan Page Davis, Vickie McDonough, Gabrielle Meyer, Lorna Seilstad, and Kathleen Y'Barbo ~ Review

Seven Brides for Seven Texas Rangers Romance Collection: 7 Rangers Find Love and Justice on the Texas Frontier
Lucie's Review:

Texas Ranger Company B is stationed in Hartville, TX, their objective is to catch the Markham Gang that has been terrorizing the countryside for years. Their leader is Cass Markham, their signature is a coin with a bullet hole through it. Hugh Sterling is the captain of the Rangers, and is wife Etta, welcomes all the Rangers as her sons, she believes that it is high time that they got married, so she decides to start playing matchmaker for them all.

The Ranger's Reward 
Ranger Griff, and Evelyn Prentis must maintain the illusion that they are married to protect themselves from the Markham gang, occupying the Prentis Farm. Evelyn's son, Harrison loves having a "Pa." Can they become a family for real, and catch some outlaws in the process?

More Precious Than Rubies
Childhood sweethearts Whit and Violet are brought back together when they are traveling on the same train. The train gets robbed by the Markhams. Violet is determined to recover her family's valuables, she is surprised by her courage doing things that she never thought she would. I liked how she found her strength, and how Whit helped her and supported her all the way.

Jesse's Sparrow
Sarah is a survivor. When her stage is robbed she keeps a cool head and does all she can to help the others. When Jesse arrives, Sarah convinces him to let him  her come with when he goes after the gang. I loved Sarah's faith and coll head in a stressful situation. Jesse is patient and respectful, and keeps offering friendship.

The Countess and the Cowboy
Ava and Ezra get off to a rough start, but get a second chance when they find that the Markhams are involved in a horse sale gone wrong. Ava won't be left behind, which is fine because Ezra likes having her around, she is clever, strong, observant, and a good shot.

Simple Interest
Augusta is a spunky heroine who keeps her head when the bank that she works at is robbed and she is taken hostage. She is clever and leaves clues for Ranger O'Neal to follow. O'Neal has like Augusta for a long time, and had been working up the courage to ask her out, but now that she's been taken he is determined to rescue her and make his feelings known.

Partners in Crime
Ranger Micah is deep undercover with the Markham gang when Laurel is kidnapped and held hostage. Micah has won the trust of one of that gang members and offers to help tend the prisoner. Micah tries to do what he can to make sure that Laurel is comfortable, protecting her without blowing his cover. Laurel is understandably scared, but she can't help noticing that Micah is different from the others. Can Laurel and Micah make it out alive?

Guard Your Heart
This is the last in the series and it ties up all of the stories nicely. Branch is Captain Sterling's right hand man, and is the most vocal opponent to marriage. Branch is tasked with protecting murder witness, Constance, who bonds instantly with Branch's dog, Jack. Jack is more than happy to guard Constance while they await the trial. Constance is courageous and willing to stand for what is right, she takes everything in stride, but she knows what Branch thinks about marriage so she tries not to read anything into his chivalry.

I loved all of the stories in the collection, they work well together, and share many of the same character. All of the rangers are good men who fight for what is right and to protect the woman that they love. Even though all the women come from different background and situations, they share traits of faith and courage. A fantastic read, with plenty of action on the Texas plain.

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