Fawkes by Nadine Brandes ~ Review

My Review:
Thomas Fawkes, the son of Guy Fawkes, longs to receive his mask and color power so that he can stop the plague that is slowly turning him to stone.

This fantastical new read reimagines the story of Guy Fawkes and the infamous gunpowder plot, in a world of masks, colors, secrets, and truths, through the eyes of his son, Thomas. Thomas longs for his mask so that he can receive his powers, but color powers are passed from father to son, so when his father fails to make him a mask and show up on the day of his color testing, Thomas decides to seek out his father himself. On his journey he must decide who to trust, and with whom he will cast his lot, his friendship with the powerful and mysterious Emma, an Igniter, makes him question everything The Keepers have told him about White.

I was drawn to this book as I am something of an Anglophile, and have always wondered what the big deal was about Guy Fawkes day. I can't claim to understand it after reading this book, but I found this to be a fascinating retelling of historical events, with an element of fantasy melds surprisingly into the history and politics of the tumultuous tension between the Protestant Reformers and the Catholic church. An original plotline with many unexpected turns make this a truly unique read, especially as much of the book's audience will likely be American and Guy Fawkes is much more obscure stateside.

I liked how the story unwound from Thomas's point of view, we learned things as he did. I liked the friendship between him and Emma, and looked forward to their scene together. Emma is a beautiful young woman with powerful color power, she sees Thomas beyond his plagued eye.

An imaginative adventure set in King James's England, full of adventure, secrets and mystery. I loved how this book dealt with color in a wide sense, with powers and also race. I also really liked how unpredictable it was, as I learned things as Thomas did, and while I did see some things coming, there are quite a few good reveals. Plenty of action, and intrigue, but there were times when I thought that the pace slowed.

A great book for fans of historical fantasy, with brave heroes, that reimagines the gunpowder plot in a war of colors, in a fight for faith.

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