The Gospel Comes with a House Key by Rosaria Champagne Butterfield ~ Review

My Review:

Deceptively simple sounding. Radical hospitality is what we are called to as Christians.

I'll be the first to admit that I fall far short of the mark. But as Mrs. Butterfield explains, hospitality isn't pristine houses with perfectly prepared meals and well planned activities. It's not that hard, and it's not that easy.

Our homes and earthly belongings are the Lord's, he blessed us with them entrusting us to use these resources for the furtherance of His kingdom. While hospitality doesn't sound like much at first glance, it is so much more. It is sharing the lives of our neighbors, friends from church or unbelieving neighbor, inviting them to see our lives with its joys, failures, and imperfections. She explains how genuine hospitality takes away the pressures of entertainment, “Hospitality shares what there is; that’s all. It’s not entertainment. It’s not supposed to be.” 

Mrs. Butterfield tells of how she and her husband have blessed and been blessed by the practice of practical true Christian hospitality, praying for their community, moving into undesirable areas, not flinching away from messy situations using the real world to show their children God's grace in the midst of a post-modern world. She shares how the way they practice hospitality has brought many people that they may not have otherwise had a chance to encounter into their lives, sharing most prominently the story of their neighbor Hank. Hospitality isn't always easy. Sometimes it's messy. Sometimes we must turn a Judas away.

Overall, a highly thought provoking read that invites us to live as lights amid the mess. Not above or away from the mess in our own little houses, or from a position of power over the mess as a saviour to dive in and fix everything. Instead we need to emulate Christ who dined with sinners, but did not sin with sinners. Our homes and lives can become hospitals and incubators, serving others with what God has given us. God can use hospitality to turn strangers into friends, and friends into family in Christ.

Highly recommend, a meaty read, challenging, and heartfelt. One of my favorite reads of the year that I hope to re-read in the years to come.

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