An Amish Christmas Promise by Jo Ann Brown ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

When Evergreen Corner is hit by a flash flood the Amish Helping Hands come to help the small Mennonite community clean up. Michael Miller is part of the crew, and he cant help but notice the beautiful young mother and her two children who win his friendship.

Carolyn Weber has been living among the Mennonites for years in order to protect her niece and nephew from their abusive father. It hasn't always been easy to care for her sister's children, and when their home is badly damaged in the storm she doesn't know where to start. She is a talented baker, loves her niece and nephew fiercely, but doesn't know if she could ever trust a man after what happened to her sister. I loved her passion for her faith, and how she teaches the children in her charge what is important to her.

Michael has been hurt in the past by love, but he is a good man who has struggled to find his place in the world, upon meeting Carolyn he feels protective of her and her small family. I loved how he bonded with Kevin, and gave him a strong role model to look up to.

A heartwarming Christmas romance, I loved how the Amish community came together to help the nearby Mennonite community. There were strong themes of faith and family. Enjoyable read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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