The Edge of Everywhen by A.S. Mackey ~ Review

My Review:

A wonder-filled adventure, with real world truths that stand strong after the last page is turned.

Piper and Phoenix are a brother and sister, who share a special bond. After the death of their mother and disappearance of their father they are sent to live with their father's older sister Aunt Beryl, where the discover a mysterious and wonderful book.

I loved how this book is told from the perspective of the book, and I couldn't help but think multiple times that this would make a fantastic audiobook read by a grandfatherly man with a cultured accent.

For me this book struck all the right notes, and is a story that could easily be enjoyed by the whole family, though the target reading level is middle grade/tween. This book will be especially appreciated by booklovers, as many well-beloved books are mentioned throughout, and Piper is a girl after my book-loving heart.

There are many wonderful characters, I especially liked Mr. Greene, and his kind, thoughtful countenance. Phoenix is a very intelligent boy, and I loved the relationship between him and his sister. There are fun quotes woven throughout the book at the beginning of each new chapter, some real and some made up, and I loved how they enhanced the story. Also this book does an excellent job of capturing the fantastic whimsy of this story, while revealing solid truths in a natural way that flowed within the fibers of the story without feeling forced.

I went into this book not knowing what to expect, and came away completely blown away and impressed with how well written this book was, and how well it presented spiritual truths. It is a book that stays with you after the last page is turned down, and the more I thought about the things that I liked in preparation for this review, the more things I found to appreciate. This book has a classic and inviting feel to it, and even though the main characters are children I never thought that this story over simplified or talked down to the reader, which brought to mind warm thoughts of Narnia and Mister Rogers Neighborhood. This is a wonderful adventure that I highly recommend for the whole family!

I received a complimentary ecopy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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