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About the Book


Book:  Operation Grendel

Author: Daniel Schwabauer

Genre: Christian Fiction, Futuristic Action & Adventure

It’s the war story he’s dreamed of. But the battle may cost him his mind.

Military journalist Raymin Dahl thinks he’s finally getting the story of a lifetime. Secret peace talks on a remote tropical moon are about to surrender five colonized worlds—and six hundred million civilians—to a ruthless enemy.


But when his commanding officer, Captain Ansell Sterling, is fatally wounded before the negotiations can begin, Dahl can no longer just report on the mission. He’s ordered to complete it. With help from the AI embedded in Sterling’s comms bracelet, Dahl must impersonate his commander—a Marine Corps hero and psychological operations expert.


However, Sterling’s AI may be luring him to surrender more than he realizes. And the mission Corporal Dahl thinks he’s running isn’t the only operation underway.


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Thrusting the reader right into the thick of things, we find journalist Raymin Dahl on the brink of breaking the biggest story of his career, when his source and commander is killed. Now it is up to Raymin to complete the mission and save millions, or is it?

Told in the first person point-of-view, we experience this imaginative sci-fi, political thriller, through the eyes of Raymin, as he is pushed into the thick of things, reliant on Captain Sterling's old AI to guide him. But the answers are far from clear cut, as questions rise about corrupted software and other missions at play. 

A twisting plot, with a fascinating world of politics in a fight for truth, and a hero with no one to trust. It took a while for me to get orientated at first because of how the book just throws you into the thick of things in the beginning. I liked learning more about the world, characters and the situation while on the go, but sometimes resented the flashbacks for keeping me from the present happenings. Raymin is a likably flawed character, and I admired his passion for the integrity of a story.

Overall, this was a fast paced read, with political intrigue, intense action, with many twists along the way. And I was intrigued by the unique relationship between Raymin and Ivy over the course of the twisting story. Great for fans of sci-fi adventure!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

About the Author

Daniel Schwabauer, M.A., is a lifelong reader of speculative fiction. He studied the genre under science fiction great James Gunn before graduating with honors from Kansas University’s Masters program in Creative Writing in 1995. Winner of the Eric Hoffer and Ben Franklin awards for his middle grade fantasy series, The Legends of Tira-Nor, Daniel enjoys riding his motorcycle on country roads and pondering other worlds. He lives in Kansas City with his wife and dog.


More from Daniel

The Operation Grendel Origin Story
I’ve always been fascinated by the power of storytelling, especially as a lever for moving culture.  For several years I studied the development of modern propaganda, the rise and fall of yellow journalism, and the relationship of these to psychological warfare. This culminated in 2017 with a brief investigation into quantum computing and the rising popularity of trans-humanism. Sometimes the best story ideas are combinations of things that have rattled around in the back of your mind for years.
Operation Grendel is a keyhole glimpse of a future in which every person in the galaxy is bonded to an artificial intelligence. Some AIs are embedded in the brain, and some are snapped onto the wrist as a wearable device. I didn’t realize when I started writing the book that Elon Musk had already launched Neuralink to create this technology in real life. I discovered the corporation after finishing my fourth draft.
The use of this technology probably means a lack of autonomy. How can you think for yourself, or even know what you think, if your thoughts are constantly being shaped and influenced by a quantum computer wirelessly connected to your brain?
Then again, is that all we really are as humans—biological computers? I don’t think so. But if not, then there will surely be resistance to the trans-humanist movement. Which means, in a work of fiction, clearly opposing sides. One empire supports this integration of man and machine; the other places limits on AI technology.
But “warring empires” was not a story I felt capable of telling. I wanted something closer to home, something smaller and more accessible, something more human. I wanted to show what a life spent entirely under the influence of an inner nanny—a substitute Holy Spirit—might look like.
Well, who better to tell that story than a man who has, in his own way, been manipulating others through storytelling? In other words, a journalist.
This fit my desire to write the story as military science fiction. Since I never had the honor of serving in the armed forces, I needed a way to give my narrator a believable voice. Corporal Raymin Dahl, a military reporter who barely scraped his way through reservist boot camp, fit the bill.
Before long the story seemed to take on a life of its own.


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  3. This usually isn't my cup of tea but..I'm intrigued!

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