The Incredible Winston Browne by Sean Dietrich ~ Review

My Review:

Tender and at times unexpected, The Incredible Winston Browne is a quirky character driven novel set in the Southern small town of Moab, Florida. 

I loved how this book lets the characters introduce themselves, as well as the tight knit community. Winston Browne is Moab's sheriff, he is a kind of extraordinary everyman, an older brother of sorts to the community, he is clever, compassionate, and lives his values, leaving an impact on everyone he came in contact with. Over the course of the story we see him contemplate his past and present, but we also see his big heart for his town. 

Moab is a rural Southern town in the 1950's, filled with all sorts of people, and I enjoyed getting to know many of them over the course of the story. Eleanor is probably one of my favorites for her friendship with Winston, as well as how she is willing to take in little Jessie, as well as taking control of her life. An entertaining read filled with humor and quirk, I loved the unconventional sayings, and the wonderful homey feel of the story. There were also times that the story felt more predictable, as well as others that took me by surprise, in the wending storyline.

Overall, an enjoyable read about a town and a man who is indeed incredible. With rich characterizations, relatable characters, humor, mystery, and heartwarming satisfaction. Worth the read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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