How Should a Christian Date? It's Not as Complicated as You Think by Eric Demeter // Review


A straightforward conversational common sense book about Christian dating. 

I'll be honest I've read a lot of these type of books as a single person just under thirty, and while this book wasn't any new or groundbreaking information, it still managed to be refreshing. I liked that the author gives his advice from his perspective as a single guy not-still-in-his-early-twenties, who wants to be married be it just hasn't happened for. I fully agreed with much of his advice, which is like I mentioned pretty common sense, and over the years I have come to similar conclusions. 

Eric does a great job of taking a casual but intentional tone, centered on seeking first the kingdom of God. I liked that he wasn't pushy or had an exact method that should be followed to a T. Instead he doesn't so much tell you what to do, but gives really good advice on what you shouldn't do, all with a Christian mindset of treating others respectfully and fairly, while being honest. 

Overall, I know that this doesn't sound like the most glowing rave review, mostly because there wasn't a lot that was new or a breakthrough moment for me personally. But really this book is top notch, he gets so much right and more singles should have this book in their library, there were so many times when I was reading and thinking, "Exactly! He get's it!" He manages to take the pressure off, and as a whole I left the book feeling encouraged. A well thought out and reasonable approach to Christian dating, definitely recommend. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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