Hiding His Holiday Witness by Laura Scott // Review

Lucie's Review:

US Marshal Slade Brooks responds to a frantic call from a woman in witness protection, to find her shaken up and having lost her memory. He and Robyn set off to stay one step ahead of the bad guys while trying to unlock her memories so that she will be able to testify against the bad guys. 

A fast paced adventure full of danger and suspense. Robyn witnessed a crime and has been through a lot, I admired her for holding to her faith and bravely standing for the truth. Slade is dedicated to his job, he likes Robyn but knows that with her in witness protection it can't go anywhere. 

Overall, a well written suspense with a good plot and pacing, I liked that there were moments that slowed down enough for them to get to know each other. And I think that the risks taken made sense with the plot. I liked their  shared faith and Robyn's courage. A solid inspirational suspense, with excellent plot and characters!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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