Plot Twist by Bethany Turner // Review


It all starts one fateful February 4th, 2003 when greeting card writer and aspiring screenwriter Olivia Ross meets a charming accented actor in a coffee shop and they make a date for 10 years in the future. The novel then follows Olivia and her best friend Fiona through the ups and downs of their careers and relationships each year on February 4th. 

A rom-com roller coaster about the importance of friendship, as this novel chronicles 10 years worth of February 4ths. It was an interesting premise to revisit the characters only on the same day every year, though after a while I will admit that it was hard to feel sorry for Olivia who frequently painted herself as a victim of her circumstances. I liked her friendships with Luke and Fiona, as well how the author found creative ways to be original within the genre. It was a well balanced mix of humor and heartbreak, I appreciated the realness of a story where everything isn't all roses. 

Overall a clean rom com, filled with colorful characters and a kaleidoscope of coincidences, and misunderstandings. An entertaining read that kept me guessing till the end!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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