In Search of a Prince by Toni Shiloh // Review


25 year old Brielle Bayo is content with her life as a middle school teacher in New York City, when suddenly it is revealed to her that she is actually a princess in a country halfway around the world. Next thing she knows she is juggling royal duties, court intrigue and searching for a husband!

A modern day fairy tale full of faith, friendship, family and romance. 
Brielle is shocked to find out that she is a princess in a foreign country, but is excited to learn more about her deceased father and the rich history of the land of his birth. I admired Bri for standing up for herself, and being open to the possibilities around her. Iris is an amazing friend and an excellent cheerleader, she has an infectious energy about her. Iris is passionate about her dreams and has a big heart for others. 

This is a enjoyable read, with a sweet romance and a fun plot. I loved the interaction between Mori and Bri as they get to know each other, as well as how they are both strong in their faith. I think that the author did an excellent job of bringing to life the diverse and fictional kingdom of Oloro Ile, along with the intrigues and politics. But most of all I loved how Brielle was a strong, intelligent woman of faith, open to learning new things and gracefully navigating difficult situations. Excellent for fans of fairy tale romance, with characters you can cheer for. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.


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