Forever by Your Side by Tracie Peterson // Review


Constance Browning returns to the reservation where she grew up with her missionary parents in order to record the history of the native people, and clear the names of her parents who have been falsely accused of stirring up the Indians. 

An engaging historical read, with likable main characters and familiar faces from previous books as well. I liked how Connie is passionate about helping the Indians record their story, and I liked her friendship with Tom. Tom doesn't share her faith, but he is trying and willing to challenge his own beliefs which I admired. Connie's family is welcoming to him, and I liked the ease with which her father ministers to the people he touches. 

Overall, this was a welcomed historical read. I haven't read a Tracie Peterson in a while and this one reminded me about why I loved her so much growing up. I thought that Ms. Peterson did an excellent job of portraying the Native voices, showing how they had been wronged by what the government was doing to them. A well rounded read with excellent characters, strong elements of faith, romance, and mystery.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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