Embracing His Past by Christina Miller // Review

Review: New beginnings and a chance to make up for lost time. 

Retired nurse Harrison Mitchell is surprised to learn that he has an adult son, so he moves to Natchez in hopes of reconnecting with his son. He is surprised to find that his neighbor and new boss is also his son's adoptive mom, Anise Armstrong. 

A wonderful story from beginning to end, filled with faith, family, friendship, and new starts. I loved revisiting the Armstrong family in Natchez, catching up with Grannie, Jase, Abe and their families. I was so happy to see Anise getting a story and a chance at happiness, she is so passionate about serving the community and I thought that she and Harrison made a great team. I liked that Harrison helped to shoulder the heavy load that Anise had taken up on herself, and helped her see that she couldn't do it all alone. 

Such an enjoyable, heartwarming read that brought a smile to my face. I loved the close knit family and Grannie's matchmaking ways, there was great interaction, strong faith, and endearing characters. Definitely recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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