Sophie Go's Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim // Review

Review: A delightfully whimsical romance, full of mouth watering confections, and single septuagenarians. 

Sophie Go returns to Toronto after attending a prestigious matchmaking school in Shanghai, she is excited to move into her own place and acquire a list of clients. But when it is revealed that her credentials are lacking, she finds herself scrambling for clients to keep her dream alive, offering her services to a group of seven single men in their seventies. 

A romantic comedy about a young woman finding her way, and making new friends, with elements of magical realism. A quick and light-hearted read, fun, with great cultural flavor. I loved how Sophie not only brought people together with her job, but also how they became her friends.

I found her parents to be horrifically manipulative and abusive to her, physically, financially, verbally, and emotionally. And I think that it played into the honor and shame culture, but her parents were just so jarringly terrible and outrageous that it took away from the book as a whole. 

Overall, a fun, quick read about finding love and finding yourself, in a magical Toronto setting filled with delicious sweets, and steadfast friends. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

*clean whimsical romance with moderate swearing, strong Asian representation and culture, as well as a m-m storyline

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