By Way of the Moonlight by Elizabeth Musser // Review


Two resilient women decades apart are challenged by love and loss as the world changes around them. 

Allie Massey is watching her life go to shambles around her, the future that she had all mapped falling to pieces. She has a short time frame to pack up all of her beloved grandmother's things and clear out the property before everything is leveled and the commercial landowners take over. But going through the mementos reveals a secret side of her grandmother and her amazing courage. 

A well crafted read that is a mix between character and plot driven. The story meanders at its own pace, taking time to carefully bring all the pieces together in rich detail, while keeping me invested and wondering how it would all work out. I loved learning about Allie's grandmother, especially how she served in the war, as well as her courage and daring. I liked how the story was told through alternating viewpoints in the present day with Allie, and decades earlier with Dale, sometimes foreshadowing what would happen in the other time and place. 

Overall, a compelling, richly woven read, with a strong message of faith and hope. A compelling read that will take you through a gambit of emotions, captivating in the best way!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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