J. I. Packer : His Life and Thought by Alister McGrath // Review

My Review: 

A well written biography that explores the life and theology of evangelicalism's most influential Christians of the twentieth century. 

Familiar with a few of his works, mainly Knowing God, I embraced this opportunity to learn more about the man who has been and influential figure for so many years. This book tells of his early years and his calling to serve in theological academia, as well as takes the time to explore his more defining interpretations throughout his life. I think that I was surprised to learn that his passing was more recent than I had previously believed, and thought that tit was amazing how the author had been able to sit down and talk with him before his passing. 

There are probably more in depth books out there, but I think that this book's relatively shorter length and concise style is a strength. Hitting the highlights of his impact throughout his career, as well as his takes on a Biblically conservative view-respectful of tradition but willing to improve as well. 

A wonderful read, that left me feeling more educated about J. I. Packer's life and beliefs. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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