The Call of the Wrens by Jenni L. Walsh // Review

My Review:
A tale of two courageous women serving their country as Wrens.

During the first World War Marion joins the Wrens transporting messenger pigeons on her motorbike, finding a hope and a freedom she's never known. 

Evelyn Fairchild has grown up with everything she has ever needed, except the freedom to prove herself beyond what others see as weakness. In the face of a second World War she joins the Wrens with the support of her childhood friend. 

An engaging story that tells the story of two very different women serving in different wars. I liked Marion and how Eddie found her and befriended her, sticking by her side through thick and thin. Eddie is a real gem, and I loved how he saw Marion when no one else did. Marion really finds her voice and a purpose as a Wren.

Evelyn's story was no less compelling, though from a very different background. I liked her determination and growing friendship with Percy. 

Overall, a compelling read with a dual time line read that does eventually converge, with well developed characters. The author does a great of richly bringing history to life in this gripping read. Great for fans of WWII fiction. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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