An Unlikely Pair by Traci Hunter Abramson // Review

My Review: 

After a terrible accident sends Amaliya Marcell's world into a tailspin, she shelves her dream of dancing professionally and she moves in with friends of her family. Her time at the rink leads to her meeting pairs skater Tyler Linden, who's partner just announced retirement. Can her background in ballet and comfort on the ice be enough to make their growing dreams come true? 

Perfect for fans of figure skating, this sweet romance brings the best of both worlds during the golden age of figure skating. It reminded me of Cutting Edge a little with the premise of turning a novice into a competitive pairs figure skater. Tyler is an all-around great guy, respectful and driven, I liked how he is protective of Amaliya and helps her navigate the ins and outs of the competitive figure skating world. 

Overall, as a fan of figure skating I thought that this was an enjoyable read, and I liked that there was more than a sweet romance moving the plot. The author did her research and it was smart to set the story in the 80's to make the story more feasible. I liked Amaliya's willingness to try new things and take on challenges. An entertaining read, compelling and sweet. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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