A Dance in Donegal by Jennifer Deibel // Review

My Review: 
 Bringing to life the quaint countryside of Ireland, a land rich in tradition and steeped in superstition, A Dance in Donegal follows a Moira as she heeds her mother's dying wishes that she take up a teaching position in her mother's hometown. 

Moira faces many struggles upon taking the teaching position. The book captures the beautiful land of Ireland, as well as its steeped in traditions. I was glad that Moira had people who showed themselves to be true friends in the wake of her struggles and the horrible way that she was treated by many in the small community. 

This was a pleasant read, with a lovely sense of place, capturing the beauty and foreignness through the eyes of an American. The story was easy to follow, and more simple through most of the book. I liked the Moira was very familiar with Scripture and recalled in constantly in her everyday life. 

A slower read for me, the book was more quaint at first, and then later it was hard to see how the townspeople treated her, though I liked how she tried her best to keep her spirits up and treat others well. It didn't quite grab me the way that I had wished, but I also don't have many complaints. I felt like it did a good job of doing what it wanted, and is a pleasant read. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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