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A movie about discovering your true purpose in life and recognizing that everyone from all walks of life is equal in God’s eyes. 

When an entitled influencer loses everything, she must humbly trust God to understand what the meaning of true influence is. Desperate, she takes a job at a homeless shelter only so she has a place to lay her head and quickly realizes the joy and purpose that comes from serving others.

Divine Influencer is a movie about humility, the power of prayer and trusting God to show us the  direction for our lives.

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My Review: 

Olivia is a social media influencer who lives her life centered around what she can post online, but a negative viral moment ends her online career and she must face life in the real world. 

A heartwarming film with likable characters, I liked that many of the characters did what they did to show God's love to others. One of the characters could have had a highly praised career in the food industry but instead chose to use her talents at a local shelter. This was a fun film with heart, and a sweet romance, and a nice redemptive arc. 

A great reminder that social media is not reality. A winsome romance with themes of faith, friendship, and caring for others!

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Many thanks to Pure Flix for providing a sample of the product for this review. Opinions are 100% my own.

Divine Influencer is such a timely movie as the world of social media expands at a rapid pace. The  message of this film is a reflection on how easy it is to live for the likes, the shares and the comments instead of living our lives for God or to serve others.

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