All My Secrets by Lynn Austin // Review

My Review:
A powerful story spanning three generations of Stanhopes, about the secrets that have the power to entrap or to set free. 

After the sudden death of Arthur Stanhope III, Adelaide finds herself torn in two different directions. The obligation to marry into money to maintain their lifestyle, or to take hold of the freedom to pave her own way. Her mother arranges stylish parties to attract eligible suitors, while her grandmother shows her the work that she has been doing with her charitable foundation, while sharing the secrets that have implications into the present. 

A powerful story of grace and the power of God's redemption, set in the Gilded Age. Told from the perspectives of each of the three women, I loved how they grew closer through sharing their secrets and hopes for the future while helping Adelaide find her own path. 

Howard was one of my favorite characters, a confident young man in all the ways that truly matter, with a heart for others, and a way of quietly pointing to the Lord. Junietta is also quite a character, I loved her honesty, wisdom, and genuine love for others. 

Overall, a beautifully unfolding and compelling tale, with a powerful message of hope. A memorable read that will stick with me for years to come, highly recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own. 

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