Mr. AWANA by Art Rorheim ~ review

Mr. Awana by Art Rorheim: Book Cover
My Review: As a leader in the AWANA program and a high school participant, I was so excited to have the opportunity to learn more about my favorite children's program. And let me tell you that this book did not disappoint. The font was easy to read, and the overall design of the book was attractive. I realize that this is a niche book, so it may not appeal to everyone, and is aimed more at the AWANA crowd. But definitely not limited to those involved in AWANA.

Mr. Rorheim tells the story of how AWANA started out, and of all the little miracles that made club possible. How many different countries got involved and how the money was raised for the AWANA headquarter buildings.  It was obvious that while it may not have been visible at the time, God was certainly at work in the hearts of so many people. It touched so many peoples lives in so many countries.

As a leader at one of the thousands of clubs, I know firsthand how much of an impact AWANA has on families, and so I was able to relate to things in this book that I might not have been enthusiastic about if I were not so involved. The stories were inspirational and uplifting, making me even more excited to start the AWANA season. There was so much in the history that I did not know! For instance that the SPARKS branch in which I volunteer was not part of the original AWANA groups. I also found the index of the countries which had AWANA clubs very fascinating and helpful.

The one thing that I found that was a bit confusing, was that sometimes a story was told twice, almost word for word. By my count that only happened twice. But I didn't mind too much. Otherwise, I found the book to be filled with humor and encouragement. A  must-read for every AWANA leader.

It most certainly made me rethink my dedication to AWANA and made me strive to do even more. I think that this book could be a blessing to many others like me, so I highly recommend it. Thanks so much!

ISBN: 978-1-60265-027-5

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  1. My church only started doing the AWANA program last year, and it's already brought a lot of new kids and a few families in. I had no idea about this book, though -- thanks for pointing it out!

  2. I'm so glad your church started AWANA! I have been so blessed by this ministry, while I was growing up saying verses and now that I'm in high school serving as a leader.
    Memorizing scripture is so important. The children are continually blessing me with their intelligence and their exuberance!
    It definitely brings alot of people to church through friends and friends of friends.


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