Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang ~ review

Pieces of Silver by Maureen Lang: Book Cover

My Review: It's 1917, and America is at war with Germany.

Liesel Bonner's world changes forever on the day she loses her job as a stenographer, simply because she's of German blood. She's an American citizen, born and bred, she's never questioned her loyalty to the United States. But government agent David de Serre does, and so does the country he represents. He also questions the allegiance of her beau Josef von Woener. Who will she trust? What path will she choose? Who will she trust? Liesel is torn between love for her country, her faith in God, and her longing for lasting love, in this book of betrayal and loyalty, in the year of 1917. What will she choose?

Having never read anything by Maureen Lang, I didn't know what to expect. But this book was definitely worth my time! Almost as soon as I started reading I felt connected to the character of Liesel. Reading about her struggles, and how she dealt with them, was inspiring. She is such an inwardly strong character, yet vulnerable. But so remarkably strong.

While David de Serre might not have been the hero in a red cape, he was very admirable. Not in the flashy sort of way but in the way that slowly-grows-on-you-and-you-don't-know-why. Which I thought was very well done. Plus he knows his Bible. The perfect hero. I'm a huge fan.

The plot was skillfully woven, and encompassed most of my favorite things in one book! Those things are: intrigue, mystery, suspense, romance, history, touching characters, WWI era, & spies! Whenever I picked it up, from putting it down, I was instantly plunged back into the year of 1917. It didn't take time, just, BAM! And I was there. Definitely one of my top ten favorite reads this year - so far anyway!

Also, I found the characters and dialog, warm, engaging and believable. I thought that it presented both sides of the conflict very well. Which is something that really caught my attention about this book. The new angle of German-Americans caught between two countries that they loved. It was fresh and intriguing.

As a closing word, I found nothing that I found objectionable in the content. Just some kissing, but I didn't find that objectionable. So in the end I will most certainly be on the lookout for more books by Maureen Lang! Thanks!

ISBN: 0-8254-3668-0

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Special thanks to Kregel Publishing who provided this book to me for review free of charge. Thanks!

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