Saying "Hi"

Hi there! You might have noticed that I didn't say, "Hello there!" Like I usually do. But then again maybe you didn't. Around my house we're gearing up for 4-H and the county fair. Frantically putting the finishing touches on our masterpieces (that we started last year in September, but somehow forgot about till now. LOL!) You might wonder what's up with me so I'll tell you. I'm gearing up for Bible Quiz season, though I haven't officially started studying yet. I just got facebook, which is really addicting. And I mean REALLY ADDICTING!
Meanwhile, I'm working hard to bring you some more reviews of Christian books, fiction and non-fiction alike.
As for my writing I'm sad to say that my daily word count has dwindle to a measly 125 words a day. But it's coming together. Which I'm really happy about.
Did I mention that I am cross stitching like a crazy person to get my 4-H project finished in time for fair? Well I am and it's getting there too!
Hope you don't mind my quirky side coming out to play today. Keep on reading! Thanks!

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