Highland Crossings by Pamela Griffin, Laurie Alice Eakes, Gina Welborn, and Jennifer Hudson Taylor ~ Review

Highland Crossings (Romancing America)
My Review: A delightful collection of stories that follow the journey of one treasured broach through four generations of young Americans.

Four novellas all linked together by one broach, spanning generations. It all begins when Seona flees her native land in hopes of escaping a past of lies and misunderstandings, taking with her, her dear friend's family heirloom. The stories follow, an immigrant, wrongly forced into being made an indentured servant, a confectioner, and a young woman determined to perserve her community's heritage with a museum. For each of these young women, love is found in the most unexpected places, and their faith keeps them strong in times of hardship.

Each of the stories were well crafted and made the most of the lack of length to develop the characters and the plot expertly. I would say that the broach showed up more porminantly in some stories than in others, so sometimes I was sitting there thinking, "When is the broach going to show up?" One of the tings I loved most about this book was the variety. Variety in the plots, and variety in the different authors' voices. The character development was amazing in all four novellas for such short stories. If I had to pick a favorite story, I'm sure that I couldn't do it. Which is a great thing!

Overall, a great read. And especially great when you want to finish a story quick, and be able to lay it down and pick it up again in short intervals. Great book for those who like Irish/Scottish historicals, and Christian fiction in general :)

Final Rating: 4 out of 5

I received this book from the publisher in return for an honest review. Thank you!

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