Marked for Revenge by Valerie Hansen ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

EMT Kaitlin North responds to a call about shots fired up in the mountains, she is surprised to recognize the wounded man as the one who gave her a break back when she was down and out. Now in order to save his life, Kaitlin must keep undercover cop Daniel Ryan one step ahead of the hitmen who are after him.

On the run with nowhere to turn, and not knowing who to trust, can Kaitlin and Daniel turn the tables on the hitmen and give love a chance?

Kaitlin has used her second chance well, making a career of helping others while thinking on her feet. She is good at calmly taking charge of a situation and is ready for the challenge of taking on new experiences. She is very committed to her faith and her calling to be a first responder.

Daniel is working hard to blow a case wide open, but there are insiders working against him and time is running out. He is a quick thinking man of action, he is determined to see his job through to the end, and is strong in his faith.

Overall, a fast paced, action packed read from the very start. Strong, intelligent characters, with an engaging plot that kept me riveted to the book. I really enjoyed this book, and admired Kaitlin for her faith and commitment. Highly recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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