A Bound Heart by Laura Frantz ~ Review

My Review:

Lark works in the stillroom creating herbal tinctures and teas, she refuses to participate in the free-trading done by many of the islanders to survive due to her Christian convictions. She is working on a herbal remedy to help the Lady Isla after the miscarriage of her 6th babe, but an unfortunate accident leaves her wealthy family looking for someone to blame.

The Lark and the laird of the island, Magnus, grew up side by side, sharing a deep friendship, with hopes unspoken. Mourning the loss of his wife he seeks to prevent another wrong by defending Lark, but he himself finds himself convicted of crime, and together they are exiled to the New World away from the familiar hills of Scotland.

Could their exile be the start of something new?

A captivating read, riveting in it's stark wildness, beauty, injustices, and hope. Lark is a beautiful young woman, considered a spinster in her community, she lives with her wise grandmother. Lark is descended from a highly regarded family, but their lot has fallen in recent generations. Lark is beautiful inside and out, holding to her convictions of her faith through may trials. Her beauty catches the eye of many men that she meets from a sea captain who lives by his wits, a laird, a plantation heir, and others. She has a big heart, and compassion for those hurting, and I admired her unwillingness to compromise in regard to her faith.

Larkin is a bonnie braw lad, well loved and a unexpected blessing. He brings joy to many around him, seeming to defy his lot in life at every turn. Many of the characters are well developed, and I liked the thoughtful Miss Flowerdew, as well as the many who befriend Lark and Larkin.

Magnus is a man of many responsibilities as laird of an island, he tries to do his best to care for the people under his care, and is unashamed of his Scots heritage. He is bound by his responsibilities, I admired his faith despite the challenges he faced, honorably seeking to glorify God no matter the circumstances, holding back his own desires in the interests of others.

Overall an utterly compelling read that grabbed my heartstrings and didn't let go, from the vast wild beauty of the stark lands, to the noble, faithful, Lark and Magnus who are admirable in the face of injustice. I especially enjoyed the strong themes of faith, holding to the promises, and strength in weakness. You won't regret picking up this epic journey of second chances and faith. Highly recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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