Until the Mountains Fall by Connilyn Cossette ~ Review

My Review:

Recently widowed Rivkah rebels against the Levitical marriage arranged by her father to her late husband's younger brother, Malakhi. Malakhi teased her tirelessly when they were children, and she cannot imagine a marriage to him, so she flees with her newfound friend away from Kedesh.

Malakhi has loved Rivkah since they were children, teasing her to get her attention, but when a marriage was arranged between her and his brother, Gidal, he stepped back. Malakhi is please to be betrothed to Rivkah, and hopes that she can see the man he has become, but when she runs away, and he is injured in battle not long after, he wonders if he should give up on the woman he had hoped to call his own.

Rivkah is headstrong and hurting, rash and quick tempered, a series of choices leave her shamed and destitute. At first I struggled to like her, but as she matured and the story progressed it was clear that she had become a courageous woman, willing to sacrifice everything for her family.

Malakhi is no longer a boy, playing childish games to get Rivkah's attention. He never stopped caring for her, despite her marriage to his brother. So when he gets the chance to honor his brother and marry the woman he loves, he accepts. He tries patiently to win her love, growing into a natural leader of men, carpenter and warrior. I admired his steadfast patience, throughout the entire story he is honorable and loves fiercely.

A powerful tale of forgiveness and unconditional love, set the days after the Israelites took possession of the Promised Land. I loved revisiting Kedesh and Moriyah's family. Connilyn Cossette expertly weaves a poignant prodigal love story against a realistic Biblical setting. She does an excellent job of showing the struggles that the Hebrews likely faced living among pagan neighbors in the Promised Land. A riveting read, with verdant descriptions, and lush adjectives. You won't want to miss this memorable story of love and God's grace.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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