Western Christmas Wishes by Brenda Minton and Jill Kemerer ~ Review

Lucie's Review:

Two heartwarming western romances, of homecoming at Christmastime.

I couldn't think of anything better than two of my favorite Love Inspired authors teaming up in this Christmas novella two-pack!

Laurel Adams comes to visit her grandmother's ranch and is surprised to find a foster child and a kind-hearted horsetrainer, who both quickly capture her heart.

Michael is on his way home for Christmas when he comes across Leann and her daughter stranded in the snowstorm. He rescues them and bring them home with him for Christmas, can they help him reconnect with his family?

Two fantastic stories about the importance of faith and family at Christmastime. I loved how Leann was open minded, and embraced getting to know her new neighbors and life in a small town. She is a good friend, and a natural encourager. I liked how Laurel bonded with Rose, encouraging her to learn and use her skills to help others.

Overall, a wonderful read to get you in the mood for Christmastime. Brenda Minton and Jill Kemerer are some of favorite authors and I was thrilled to read these heartwarming Christmas romances. Great character interaction and development, highly enjoyable, cozy read.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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