Nameless Queen by Rebecca McLaughlin ~ Review

My Review:

A name can be an identity, a future, and power.

Coin has made a living on the streets, a Nameless in a caste system of Royals, Legals and Nameless. She doesn't know her real name, but when she is impossibly named the heir to the throne, she must fight for her life and for the lives of her people.

A engaging young adult read from debut author Rebecca McLaughlin, set in a well constructed world, with surprising twists and allies along the way.

Coin is a clever heroine, having survived on the streets by her own wits for years when suddenly a  new destiny is thrust upon her. She is emotionally distant from others, and doesn't trust anyone, but over the course of the book we see her long held standards challenged. I admired her determination, fighter's spirit, she doesn't back down, and isn't afraid to play the long game.

There were many fantastic characters, especially strong females. I really liked Esther, Devil, and Hat, with her child-like innocence and enthusiasm. But of course Glenquartz was a fantastic character, and rather unexpected.

Well written, engaging, with great world building, and characters, with a compelling concept and subsequent consequences. I also really liked how this book proved that you don't need a romantic storyline to tell a killer story, instead focusing on strong themes of friendship, family, power, and identity. Lots of action, and political intrigue, with a satisfying ending.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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