The Story Hunter by Lindsay A. Franklin ~ Review

My Review:

Tannie and the gang are back in this final installment, finally facing the one who has orchestrated the the subversion of the strands and the murders of whoever got in the way.

This third of the trilogy has some twists and turns along the way, surprises and familiar faces. I loved how the author made each of the first person point of views so distinct, and how we finally get a look inside Brac's head--he was so much fun! I really liked his jaunty, forthright way of speaking. Diggy is such a wonderful ball of surprising chaotic, with a very focused and statement based train of consciousness, she is unpredictable and very direct.

This was an enjoyable return to the world, and I liked the country dialect that in my mind reads like a Scottish bur of Tannie and Brac.

Fantasy world building and a coming of age tale, I loved how Tannie and Braith grow as leaders, putting others first. Even though his choice can be questionable, Brac is nevertheless remains a favorite for me.

A wildly entertaining read sure to satisfy fans of the previous books in the series, there were a few spots where I felt the conversations were dragged out further than they needed to be, but I did enjoy the banter and the humor that added some lightness. This book does relate to difficult topics, like sexual assault, and I think it is handled well. A colorful world of stories, with unique characters in a quest for the greater good. A wholly original story about trilogy about the power of friendship and truth.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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