Where Tomorrow Leads by DiAnn Mills ~ Review


Picking up a short time after the events of the previous book, Larson, Paul, and Ben's stories continues in this poignant story of faith, friendship and love in the heart of Sudan. 

An action-packed, compelling sequel to Long Walk Home, which you will not want to miss either. This series is one of my very favorites by DiAnn Mills, as she vividly brings to life the conflict and heartbreak of a war torn country. 

Paul is struggling under the responsibilities of his calling to preach the Gospel, risking his life, while also supporting and being there for his family. Larson, also is devoted as ever to her work with the Sudanese people, but slowly is seeing her calling change ever so slightly with an unexpected life changing event. Also I liked how in this book we see a softer side of Ben, as he faces his own mortality, making peace with the family he left behind. 

A poignant tale, filled with questions of faith, emotional depth, as well as action and suspense. A fitting conclusion to this duology, flowing seamlessly from the first book into this one, and a masterpiece of fiction combining the best of all of the sub-genres that DiAnn Mills is a master of. I was so invested in  the lives of Larson, Ben, and Paul, their friendship, love, and love for the people and country of Sudan, that I didn't want to put it down. A sequel that will not disappoint!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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