All Through the Night by Tara Johnson ~ Review

My Review:

A Civil War romance of fighting for meaning and the ones you love.

Cadence Piper has struggled to prove herself to her father, as worthy and capable, she wants to be more than a pretty face and wants to truly make a difference in her country. She makes an impression on the brooding Dr. Joshua Ivy, who convinces her to become a nurse tending the wounded soldiers. I admired Cadence's courage, and how she has a strong desire to do her part as well as her compassion for the troops and children. 

Joshua is a lone ranger type, outwardly brooding and at times confusing, he is hiding a heart of a gold. I liked how he is a man of action and believes in stepping up to make a difference, and readily defends Cadence against people who slander her. 

A Civil War romance that focuses on the brave men and women who fought for the liberation of slaves, standing up against racism.  I liked the relationship between Joshua and Cadence, how they support and stand up for one another, though at times they could be a little too much in their heads. This is a compelling story, with strong themes of forgiveness and loving others. The story build throughout, coming to an explosive conclusion. A compelling Civil War novel of romance and abolition. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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