Obsession by Patricia Bradley // Review

Lucie's Review:

Emma finds her self with nowhere to turn, but to former flame Sam Ryker, after shots are fired at her while on the job as an interpretive park ranger at Natchez Trace National Park and she finds herself being stalked by an unsettling secret admirer.

A suspenseful read, with great character development and a well placed plot. I liked how Sam and Emma are forced to confront their past and work together, combining their skills and passion for their work. I liked how this book has a lot going on, with a rich backstory, likable main characters that you can cheer for all the way through. Sam is a protector at heart from his job to his family, and then to Emma, he isn't one to standby and let those he cares about to be threatened.

Overall, this was an exciting read that I devoured in the course of a day, I liked that this was a suspenseful read, and even though we get a glimpse of the bad guy's chilling thoughts, it never crosses the line into too much, which for me was perfect. It is a well balanced read, with plenty of action, but also takes time to explore the characters their relationship and their past. A great addition to the series!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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