The Amish Quiltmaker's Unexpected Baby by Jennifer Beckstrand // Review

My Review:

Esther's life is turned upside down when her estranged sister drops off her infant daughter on Esther's doorstep.

At thirty Esther is considered a spinster, and she knows little about caring for a baby. She is determined to make the best out of the situation, I loved how the women of the community befriend her and help her to deal with both Winnie and her sister Ivy. Esther is creative but orderly, she takes pride in her work, and has a stubborn streak that adds to her charm.

Engaging from the very beginning this is a charming romantic comedy with a great plot, and well written characters. I especially liked the banter between Levi and Esther as they work together. Levi is a wonderful friend and he is there for Esther when she needs him, and though things don't always go as planned, his heart is always in the right place. 

Overall, a quick read, with characters that you can cheer for all the way through. I liked that Esther is a little older, and how that comes into play throughout the story. A engaging story of faith, friendship, family, and love that will bring a smile to your face!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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