An Amish Barn Raising by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, and Kathleen Fuller // Review

My Review:

Building a Dream by Amy Clipston

Longtime friends Kathryn and Anthony find themselves longing for more but Kathryn's strict father doesn't approve of Anthony's family or their profession. Does their forbidden love have a chance?

A heartwarming romance born of friendship, engaging and with characters that you want to cheer for. I also liked that they both have other close friends that they can confide in and find encouragement. Kathryn is a sweet young woman, and I like that she respectfully challenges her father's misguided convictions. 

To Raise a Home by Kelly Irvin
Delilah Mast returns to Kootenai to to find her former flame seriously courting another, though she tries, Evan is impossible to forget.

A second chance romance, that was captivating from the start as I wondered how and if they would ever find their way to one another. Delilah and Evan are both admirable characters who are thoughtful and don't like to rock the boat. I especially admired Delilah's maturity throughout, and her respectfulness of Evan's relationship. Sam is an intriguing character, straightforward with a good heart. A wholly enjoyable read. 

Love's Solid Foundation by Kathleen Fuller
Devon Bontrager returns home to make amends, he is surprised to find himself working along Nettie Yoder, who has made self-serving choices in the past that hurt others. He is even more surprised to find himself drawn to her. 

I really liked Nettie, even though she wasn't always a very likable person, I admired how she acknowledged her hurtful behavior and made the effort to make amends. Elmer is a gruff, but sweet old man, who ended up being one of my favorite characters. A sweet romance of those at odds attracting. 

Overall, a enjoyable collection of novellas each set in different communities about couples who come together through barn raisings. Sweet swift reads for when you don't want something too heavy.

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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