The Heart of a Cowboy by Jody Hedlund // Review

My Review:
Two hearts that swore never to marry, find their convictions challenged on the trail to Colorado. 

Flynn has been mother and father to his younger siblings, shouldering the responsibilities of a family, and more than his share of the blame. Linnea, recently widowed, is fighting to prove her worth as a botanist in her own right, apart from her late husband and grandfather's shadows. 

An engaging romance, set against the backdrop of the treacherous trail to Colorado, fraught with danger and Confederate Irregulars. Linnea is a modern woman for her time, with a passion for plants and sciences. I liked how she takes Flynn's sister Ivy, under her wing, teaching her about being a young woman. Ivy spunky and full of sass, she says things as she sees them sometimes to the embarrassment of others, easily one of my favorite people in the story!

Flynn has spent his life trying to protect his family,  first from the fists of his step-father, then fields of battle, and now delivering a herd of cattle to his brother Wyatt in Colorado. After reading the last book in the series, I wasn't sure how any of the other McQuaid brothers could measure up to Wyatt, but Flynn easily won me over with his strong protective instincts, and big heart. 

Overall, a fantastic, sizzling with chemistry, and roaring with action, addition to the series, I loved seeing both new and familiar faces in the pages of this book. Especially since Judd was my favorite from the previous book. A engrossing read, with characters that you can cheer for throughout, with an inspiring message of faith and overcoming the past. Definitely recommend for fans of western romance! I can't wait to read Brody's story!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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