A Hundred Crickets Singing by Cathy Gohlke // Review


Return to No Creek, North Carolina, with Celia Percy as she comes of age in the segregated rural community, and unearths secrets held for generations that could pave a new way for the future.

 Set in the same world as Night Bird Calling, this book can be read as a companion or as a standalone. The book follows Celia and Joe in the present day, while also telling the story of Minnie Belvidere a courageous young woman during the Civil War who fought for her family and the freedom of others. 

A powerful read, with hard hitting themes, heartwarming, heartbreaking, gritty, and full of faith this book does a good job of showing the moral dilemmas in light of the human condition in the 1860s and 1940s. I loved how this book shows familiar faces like Celia and Marshall, Ruby, Miss Lill and her husband. I especially enjoyed learning more about the Belvideres and seeing their history all come together in the past and present through the strong women of faith who took up the causes of others. 

Celia is a spirited young woman, passionate, with a big heart for others. She is young but growing into a wonderful woman inside and out, I liked her honesty and how she sticks up for her friends. I also really liked getting to know Joe, seeing his friendship with Marshall and how Marshall helps him to look deeper into things he had been avoiding. I admired Minnie so much, her strong faith even in the hopeless times. 

Overall, this was a poignant read, tackling tough subjects with faith, and unforgettable characters. Highly recommend!

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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