When the Meadow Blooms by Ann H. Gabhart // Review

Review: A powerful story of healing and restoration. 

Dirk Meadows has lived alone for a long time, with only his scars for company. 

Widow Rose is forced to put her children in an orphanage while she seeks treatment for consumption. But when a short term stay turns into a years long residency and her daughter ages out, they need a more permanent solution. So they write to Rose's brother-in-law, a recluse with a Farm in Kentucky. 

A  compelling read with excellent character development, with a powerful message of hope. I liked how this book was engaging, but at the same time it took the time to develop the characters and show how all of their lives change once they come to Meadowland. I liked how Rose and Cala hold to their faith through the challenges that they face. I think my favorite thing about this book was the effect that their arrival has on Dirk, pushing him outside of his insulated comfort zone. 

A poignant and beautifully rendered read, with a wonderful unfolding message of restoration, forgiveness, faith and family. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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