Breach of Honor by Janice Cantore // Review

My Review:

Forced to act in self defense, cop Leah Radcliff finds herself fighting for a fair trial in a town strongly influenced by her abusive husband's prominent family connections. 

A heart pounding and compelling read that had me hanging on tight. I loved how Clint is willing to ask questions and stand with Leah, I thought it was cool that he was friends with her dad, and admired his courage and faith. Leah finds her challenged many times over the course of the story, as she fights for justice against the "Good Ole Boy's Club" of crooked cops and influential people that are determined to silence her. 

A gripping story that had me emotionally invested and my sense of justice outraged for Leah. I liked that she grows while in prison, and taking time to think about her life and beliefs. 

Overall, this book has it all a killer plot, fantastic characters, faith, suspense, and touches of a growing romance. I could not turn the pages fast enough! Highly recommend this thrilling and compelling novel. 

I received a complimentary copy of this book. Opinions expressed in this review are completely my own.

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